Press Release

Press release

One year later: restart accomplished

monta with a new hall and new machines

Exactly one year ago – on Saturday, April 11th 2015 – a fire destroyed the production lines in the slitting department of monta in Immenstadt. The fire broke out early Saturday morning and could only be extinguished after concentrated efforts of the plant fire brigade and many voluntary fire brigades of the complete region. Moreover, the neighboring hall with two big coating lines were completely covered with soot.

As early as May, the guaranteed reconstruction was decided. A complete new hall had to be designed and built, and machines requiring months of lead time had to be ordered and delivered in Immenstadt with precise timing.

Six weeks after the fire, the demolition and cleanup operations at the burned down production hall were already largely completed. After a thorough cleaning of the soot-damaged hall housing the coating lines and the welcome support of external suppliers, production was restarted in our facilities mid-year with two rental machines. With these measures, the continued employment of all staff members was secured.

In late summer the construction of a new production hall began as scheduled. By the new year – favored by a mild winter – the building shell was finished.
In the first quarter 2016 the setup of the technical equipment and installations took place as well as the delivery and commissioning of the seven new high performance slitters. These machines were ordered in summer 2015 from our Italian suppliers and now were delivered in Immenstadt on 29 trucks. To bring these seven slitting machines into the new hall required high precision work of many internal and external experts on site.

It was a great pleasure to the complete staff, when on March 15th 2016 the first adhesive tape was slit in a trial production. The start of the regular production operations is planned for end of April. Depending on the weather, the outdoor facilities will be completely finished by late summer.

Managing director Johann Amoser gives thanks to all who contributed to adhering to the strict time schedule. “Naturally in first line this was our own staff. But we have received support and practical help from many sides, for which we wish to express a warm thank you to all . And our customers have always held to us, so that despite the fire, monta could sustain 80% of the turnover. Our shared aim, to stand on our own feet again after twelve months, has become reality. And we are very, very proud of this. Last but not least, thanks to the support of the city of Immenstadt and the many responsible authorities, as well as the understanding of our direct neighbors, monta Klebebandwerk GmbH has risen from the ashes like a phoenix.”

monta Klebebandwerk GmbH is Germany’s largest manufacturer of self adhesive tape for the packaging industry. At the Immenstadt location a total of 130 people are employed.

monta Klebebandwerk GmbH, Gottesackerstr. 17, D-87509 Immenstadt, Germany

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Sonja Fischer
Tel.: + 49 (0) 8323 915-181

Customer-Information (2016-04-11)

With great pleasure I wish to inform you that the reconstruction of our slitting department was accomplished within 12 months so that shortly we will be able to supply you once again with adhesive tape that was coated AND converted by monta.
Customer-Information (PDF).

Customer-Information (2016-03-10)

This comes to you eleven months after the fire and one month before the restart of the new slitting department!
Customer-Information (PDF).

Customer-Information (2016-02-19)

Ten months after the fire and two months before the start-up of our slitting
department, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
Customer-Information (PDF).

Press release (2015-10-30)

Information about the current situation after the large fire at monta Klebebandwerk GmbH:
monta has started to build a new production hall
Press release (PDF).

Customer-Information (2015-10-21)

The construction of a new production hall has started according to plan:
Customer-Information (PDF).

Customer-Information (2015-08-07)

Information about the current situation after the large fire at monta Klebebandwerk GmbH:
Customer-Information (PDF).

Personal and informal: our helper's reception in Immenstadt (2015-07-22)

On July 8th, nearly three months after the big fire at the monta plant, our helpers followed a joint invitation by the city of Immenstadt and the monta Klebebandwerk GmbH.

More than 300 people followed the joint invitation by the city of Immenstadt and the monta Klebebandwerk GmbH. All helpers were welcome to celebrate in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. On the list of honours stood the outstanding commitment of firefighters and rescue services as well as the support of public authorities and last but not least monta's sympathetic neighbourhood. 

Armin Schaupp, 1st Mayor of Immenstadt, opened the reception before Johann Amoser, CEO of the monta Klebebandwerk GmbH, expressed his deep gratitude. After pointing out the company's history in his speech, Amoser continued to review once more what had happened on April 11th 2015. He also reported on all activities that have been driving the rebuilding of monta's adhesive tape slitting department and will further promote the process.

Both, Armin Schaupp as well as Alois Ried, deputy district chief executive of Oberallgäu county, payed Johann Amoser enormous respect for his dedication and assured him further assistance. 

We would like to thank all guests for coming. We are very pleased that this joint initiative by the city of Immenstadt and the monta Klebebandwerk GmbH was so well received.

Press release (2015-05-12)

The rebuilding has started:
Press release (PDF)

Many Thanks to all helpers

Johann Amoser, CEO, on behalf of all monta employees: 
Many Thanks (PDF). (release date April 18, 2015 complete edition Allgäuer Zeitung.)


      Quotes from clients, suppliers and partners:
  • If there is any way we can help you, please do not hesitate to ask ... it would be our privilege. I know you have the human spirit to 'start anew' no matter what it takes ... you are wonderful people! Take care, and wish you all a quick recovery from this disaster.
  • This is really sad news (...). I wish you all the best and hope you will recover stronger!
  • Fingers crossed for your fast recovery.
  • I am very sorry too to hear the fire has destroyed your production, but nevertheless good to hear that nobody is hurt, it’s a little miracle. I hope you can all go back to work as normally very soon and I wish you all a lot of courage! This must be a terrifying experience.
  • Just want to give you a message of support and tell that you can count on us.
  • It's shocking news and we displeased of it, it really struck all of us. By luck no one was injured or worse. We are confident that monta will be able to pull itself together and resume its production, even stronger than ever.
  • We wish that you may recover asap and keep going as you usually do. I am sure that you will because you as a company are very hard working and have excellent people.
  • Our hearts are really broken for you, and thank God that nobody was injured. We do hope that you can get back to normal business very soon.
  • Please feel all support from all (...) team in this very difficult moment.

The entire monta team sincerely says thanks for all the good wishes, for the help offered and the support.

Customer-Information (2015-04-20)

Information about the current situation after the large fire at monta Klebebandwerk GmbH:
Customer-Information (PDF).

Press release (2015-04-17)

Large fire at monta Klebebandwerk in Immenstadt:
Press release (PDF)