As "The Tape Authority" our commitment does not end with the production of high-grade self-adhesive tapes. That’s when the practical testing starts. Packaging distributors and converters benefit from monta's diverse range of services and a team of down-to-earth personalities with technical know-how and business expertise.

Your advantages

Comprehensive Stock

Our wide standard inventory comprises approximately 70% of the total monta sales program. We always have stock on hand, ready for fast delivery. 

Your added value: Prompt and reliable supply. You minimize your storage costs.

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Product Training with specialists

Knowledge is the key to perfection. This is why monta provides intensive product training and guided factory tours for both staff and customers.

Our offer:

  • training sessions in German, English and French
  • focus on decisive product selection data, e.g. differentiation between PVC and BOPP
  • advanced production knowledge in a practical setting

Your added value: You learn which tape is ideal for your specific purposes.

Laboratory: Documented Quality

The quality of our self-adhesive packaging tapes is thoroughly tested in our own laboratory, following the guidelines of internationally approved test methods. We have also developed special practical trials. In order to provide full documentation we work with reference numbers that enable us to trace the finished product down to its raw materials. Our most important tests:

  • Adhesion Strength Test
    Measured is the so called "adhesion value on steel", the force required to remove an adhesive tape with a specific width under defined conditions (unwinding-angle, pressure, speed) from a standard metal surface. 

  • Tack (Immediate Adhesion) Test
    A test method called "rolling ball" defines the tack (immediate adhesion) of an adhesive tape. Measured is the distance in centimeter that a ball rolls on the adhesive side of the tape before it remains stuck.
  • Shear Strength Test
    Shear strength indicates how long an adhesive tape sticks to a cardboard surface when weighed down vertically by a defined force. The longer the tape sticks, the higher its shear strength. Thus you can see that for example natural rubber adhesive shows a higher shear strength than Hotmelt or acrylic adhesives.

  • Cardboard Test
    This test was developed over 30 years ago. It is an inherent part of the monta verification process: the adhesive tape is applied to a recycling cardboard that is put under extreme tension. The test shows if the tape can be sheared off or if the cardboard will open. The test takes place in a heated room under extreme conditions.

Exclusive Service for You as a Trusted Partner: 
In order to find your ideal packaging solution we put the safety of your cardboard sealing to the test in our laboratory. Please ask your contact person for details. 

Professional Consulting

Our goal is to meet your requirements and individual packaging demands.  As your loyal partner we’ll guide you through the process with our decades of knowledge, honest advice, and a strong personal commitment.

Your personal contact is happy to answer your questions.