When it comes to safety, monta is a recognized leader. Innovative manufacturing techniques, strict quality controls and our certified management system set high standards within the packaging industry. Place the durable and reliable sealing of your valuable goods in the hands of a trustful partner!


State-of-the-art technology, continuous quality controls and highly motivated employees allow monta to pioneer the flexible and directive production of self-adhesive tapes. Our production plants operate with meticulous accuracy and efficiency. Depending on the product, our coating machines apply exactly 12 - 25 gr/m² of adhesive to up to 18,000 m film reels. These so called "jumbos" are further processed on our fully automated, high performance slitting and packaging lines in widths of 12 to 300 mm and roll lengths between 50 and 2,000 m

Advantages at a glance:

  • high production accuracy 
  • premium self-adhesive tape quality
  • visionary partnership that invests in technology and training
  • continuous improvement processes at all production levels


Permanent quality control means more than just monitoring production. At monta, we use internationally established test methods to control every step of the process from raw material to finished product. Driven by innovation, special practical trials were developed to enhance both products and processes.

Learn more about the monta standard test methods.

What is essential for an optimal sealing of cardboard carton?

  • Adhesion Strength
    Peel adhesion has to be evaluated in combination with immediate tack (quickstick) and shear adhesion measured on carton. High adhesion values on steel do not automatically guarantee a proper closure of the carton, nor do low adhesion values necessarily mean poor tape quality. Optimum seal safety lies in the perfect balance of adhesion, tack and shear strength on carton.

  • Tack (Immediate Adhesion)
    Tack refers to the initial adhesion. The tack value is ascertained by the rolling-ball test and cannot be interpreted without reference to adhesion and shear strength. A good rolling-ball tack feature indicates a strong adhesive that covers the cardboard fibres straight after its application. Acrylic self-adhesive tapes for instance show good tack results at minimal shear strength values. It is therefore important that tapes with an Acrylic adhesive are applied with maximum pressure. Also a period of up to 24 hours is necessary to achieve an optimal liaison with the carton surface. 

  • Shear Strength on Cardboard Surface
    An accurate statement regarding the holding power of a self-adhesive tape is only possible when considering adhesion strength, immediate tack and carton quality at the same time.

  • Carton
    The surface of a carton should not contain any release agents like silicone or wax and has to be absolutely dry and dust-free. A strong focus is requested on exact carton pressing and folding parameters as well as taping. 
  • Contact Pressure
    Without sufficient pressure the adhesive cannot bond with the carton surface to secure a reliable carton closure. This is why you often hear packaging tapes being referred to as “Pressure Sensitive Tapes” (PST). Pressure is especially important when applying the tape manually with a dispenser. In case of machine rolls, packaging machines automatically assure that the correct sealing pressure is applied. 

  • Application Temperature
    Too cold and the adhesive becomes brittle; too warm and it can get greasy. Even if adhesive tapes made from natural rubber perform in extreme temperatures, they have to be processed at room temperature to ensure permanent sealing. 


We care about the environment - we care about people. Environment protection and sustainability is deeply rooted in our company's policy. Regular internal and external audits confirm we operate according to governmental regulations and fulfill legal requirements. 

What does sustainability mean to monta? 

  • responsible use of natural resources 
  • consistent choice of enviro-friendly methods of production
  • internal and external coaching of employees to embrace responsible, sustainable behaviour


When manufacturing our products, we always strive for energy-efficient solutions. Our suppliers and contract partners are actively involved in this process. As a future-oriented company, the idea of sustainability is firmly established at monta. Thoughtful energy management plays a major role in our corporate culture. We encourage the personal initiative of our employees to make their own contributions. Because nobody knows these processes better than the people who implement them every day. We have a positive attitude towards the strict guidelines of the energy management system, since they help us to do business even more efficiently. More than anything else, monta sees legal minimum requirements as a challenge, to not only meet them but to surpass them whenever possible.

Our energy principles:

  • long-term reduction of energy consumption
  • economical use of energy
  • optimisation of energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process


    Quality on all levels! Our technological expertise and highly trained staff enable us to fulfill strict quality standards. In order to achieve excellence we are supported by our certified quality and environmental management system. Our permanent goal is quality at all levels and in all departments! Also in the area of energy-efficiency monta is setting a milestone in the adhesive-tape sector.

    Awards for monta: 

    • Quality Management System: DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1996
    • Environmental Management System: DIN EN ISO 14001 certified since 1999 
    • Energy Management System: DIN EN ISO 50001 certified since 2015
    • AEO-C status for simplified customs procedures since 2017

    All quality, environmental and energy requirements are checked and revised in regular audits.