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NEWS ROLL 12/2017

  • Stormy times call for a strong bond
  • Current market overview
  • 50 years of adhesive tape by monta
  • Where it counts
  • A partner from the very outset: Klöckner Pentaplast
  • It's already become a great tradition
  • Here's to the old, to the new, and to good teamwork

NEWS ROLL 01/2017

  • From Germany to all over the world
  • Current market overview
  • Made by monta in Germany
  • monta Mopp-Family
  • Hand in hand
  • This affects all of us!
  • Brief information

NEWS ROLL 02/2016

  • Current market overview
  • A universal genius by nature
  • Practice makes perfect
  • The sound makes the music
  • Strong appearance on TV
  • Orlando Bloom caught on tape
  • Wrap your last-minute gifts very “presto“

NEWS ROLL 01/2016

  • The inner strength in the timeline
  • Current market overview
  • True power is silent
  • Our legacy for the future
  • Tree strong

NEWS ROLL 02/2015

  • Never say never
  • Current market overview
  • Tape that
  • Licence to thrill
  • Mission completed
  • From monta with love

NEWS ROLL 01/2015


  • We are monta !
  • The Big Fire
  • Reactions
  • Future Visions
  • Fair Play for Quality
  • Bravissimo monta

NEWS ROLL 02/2014

  • Current Market Overview
  • The Crying Tree
  • monta is growing beyond national boundaries
  • New Corporate ­Design Integrated into Every Detail
  • Tailor-made Tape
  • Shaping the Future ­Together

    NEWS ROLL 01/2014

    • Less Struggle, Gaining Strength
    • Quality and Integrity
    • All white: monta pack 483F
    • Quality and Service in a Modern Package
    • New Robots Power Production
    • Meeting monta
    • Pit Stop for High ­Performance Plants

    NEWS ROLL 2013

    • new monta positioning
    • From stability to survival
    • Together to the Top
    • monta modernises
    • A milestone in the industry
    • Striking a new path
    • No unauthorized access!
    • On the International Stage
    • Growth in Exports